Grey Goo

Just a quick update on the creative side of things…

Grey Goo (working title) will be an experimental documentary/video artwork that addresses nanobiotechnologies and their influence on the human body. The fictional grey goo scenario refers to a process where out-of-human-control nanobots reduce all material matter to individual atoms effectively dissolving everything on earth. Although this is physically impossible and nanotechnologies are far from robotic, within the body, nanotechnologies may cross boundaries between organs and create all sorts of havoc as yet unknown to the nascent discipline of nano-toxicology. Utilising an audiovisual mixing instrument I am currently developing in Max, this work will be digitally recorded from an analogue disintegration of the video and audio. It will distort human forms and question the role of nanobiotechnologies in how we conceive of the biological body—physiologically, culturally and politically.

Still from my experiments for the real-time video work Grey Goo (working title).
For a glimpse at the effects testing see here and here.

And here is a look at the backend of the Max project:

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